Privacy Policy

The GamingXP team understands that our subscribers are very particular about keeping their personal information private. We have committed to making GamingXP secure and transparent digital gaming services. From collecting and storing your personal data, we abide by our Privacy Policies. In this section, GamingXP will explain how we secure each subscriber’s personal information and explain your rights. 

Personal Information: We Collect the Information You Provide to Us

Let this be clear:  you have the option to provide your personal information or not. We only receive and store personal information upon the input of the subscriber. You may still have access to limited contents in GamingXP even though you do not register an account. However, registered users get to take advantage of more features and contents of GamingXP. 

What information does GamingXP collect?

These include your name, email address, age, city location, your designated username and password.

GamingXP collects information about your websites interactions like wish lists, product searches and comments. These also include your preference for receiving notifications or alerts from GamingXP. 

When you participate in surveys, questionnaires or forums, providing your personal information may be required.

Any content posted on the website, like comments and reviews, are included as well. Collecting personal information is necessary as this can help filter out users that are trollers, spammers, or do not abide by our Code of Conduct general guidelines. 

How GamingXP use Your Personal Information

GamingXP uses the personal information you provide to personalize, develop and maintain our services. Confirming the identity and personal information of our subscribers enables us to know what the audiences need. 

For example, as we see that most of our audiences are aged 22-35, we will create contents that are in the best interest of this age group. If we collect data that we got many subscribers from the UK, we will research and review the hottest games and gadget trends available in the area. 

As we collect your personal information, we analyze the best strategies to increase the interaction in the GamingXP community. This also pushes us to keep improving on our site and content. 

GamingXP only collects personal information to increase brand awareness, marketing strategies, improve our content, tailor to your individual needs, and, most importantly, provide better service. 

Your Rights and Protection

GamingXP protects your personal information from fraud, unauthorized users, and other errors. GamingXP guarantees that all personal information stored on our site is kept private by our site moderators and will not be disclosed to any third-party service provider. 

Once registered, you have the right to deactivate your account anytime. It is your right to register, provide and deactivate your account anytime. Once you deactivate your profile, expect to have limited access to GamingXP content as compared to being a registered subscriber. If ever you change your mind and would like to activate your account once again, you have the option to do so using the same email address. 


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